Case studies of 'Fishing Down'

This list is not exhaustive, and we welcome receiving other examples documenting 'fishing down', both as scientific papers or technical reports.

Country/Region Source
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Brazil: Freire K.M.F and Pauly D. (2010)
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Guinea: Camara et al. (2016)
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Mauritania: Meissa and Gascuel (2014)
Namibia: Willemse N. and Pauly D. (2004); Willemse N. and Pauly D. (2004)
Netherlands: Bennema and Rijnsdorp (2015)
Oman: Abd El Rahman (2014)
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Portugal: Baeta et al. (2009)
Senegal: Ndour et al. (2014)
Solomon Islands: Roeger et al. (2016)
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Spain: Sánchez and Olaso (2004)
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Black Sea: Oguz et al. (2012)
Celtic Sea: Pinnegar J.K. et al. (2002); Guénette and Gascuel (2012)
East Pacific: Becker and Beissinger (2006)
Europe: Gascuel et al. (2014); DCSMM (2014)
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Northeast Pacific: Wiley et al. (2013)
Subtropical Pacific: Polovina and Woodworth-Jefcoats (2013)
Coral Reefs: Fenner (2014)